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Softub Spas® provides a unique solution to water therapy with a portable, low maintenance, quiet, and comfortable alternative to hot tubs. Located in Bluffton, IN, Softub Spas also serves Fort Wayne and nearby areas in northern Indiana. Contact us using the form below, or call (260) 236-8024 to schedule an appointment.

Meet The Owners

Hi! My name is Marsha Groh. My husband, Ken, and I are both Softub representatives based in the Northeast Indiana market. We got involved with Softub under interesting circumstances. After years as a successful hotel General Manager, I came down with an undiagnosed medical condition and was forced to step down. It was only once a diagnosis was made that I could be securely determined to get back on track. At this point in my journey, it just wasn’t reasonable to start working full days again (yet), but I wanted to work! So, Ken and I sat down and started looking around for opportunities. We stumbled across Softub, and the company piqued our interests to a maximum.

As a craftsman at a well-known furniture manufacturer in Berne, Indiana, Ken knows quality when he sees it, and that’s just what we found in Softub. We had to learn more, so we immediately contacted Softubs Business Development Manager. We were invited to participate in hosting a display at some Softub events. There, we heard from existing customers about how happy they were with the product and about how tremendously Softub Hydrotherapy helped with certain medical issues.

Today, I am of more stable health, and joining Softub remains one of the greatest things to ever happen to us. So much in fact, that we love telling others about the product and how it can help them. The unmatched portability of Softubs allows us to often share all the benefits of Softub more interactively, too.

As operators of one of the nation’s first new Softub concept stores, we can’t wait to share with you how Softub shapes up to other hot tubs, and are excited to help get you in hot water.

Give us a call to set an appointment in our new store where we’ll show you how we heat without a heater, among other things. Talk to you soon!

Ken and Marsha Groh Ft. Wayne Softub Owners

Ken and Marsha Groh

Ft. Wayne Softub Spas® Owners

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